2012 Miaoli Marine Tour Festival 28 days of heat wave

Publish date 2012-07-18
Event date 2012-07-18 ~ 2012-07-25

Organizer: Yan-Rong Hsieh
Contact: 559767

Where to this summer? The 2012 Miaoli marine tour festival aka “Sizzling sound waves and dazzling mountains” have been set to begin on July 28th at the Yuenli Yuengang fishing port. Three consecutive Saturdays of marine tourism music festival will unite three great fishing ports including the Yuengang fishing port, Lengfeng fishing port, Waipu fishing port. If you want to enjoy a combination of electronic and ballad music, the Miaoli summer beach evening is one that you do not want to miss.

The 2012 Marine Tour Festival hosted by Miaoli County government is marketed around Miaoli’s 57 km Golden Coastline, the concert in conjunction with the local harbor scenery creates an atmosphere of starry sky and ocean waves of a summer night. The event will begin on 7/28 at Yuengang with “Taiwanese ballad night”, then continue on 8/4 in Chunan with “Lengfeng duet ballad night”, until 8/11 in Holong “Waipu electronic rocknroll party”, filled with exciting contents.

Miaoli county executive Zheng Hung Liu expressed that the Miaoli county coastline including Chunan, Houlong, Tongxiao, Yuenli, during its sunset, the light reflects off of the ocean water like golden fish scales, holding up to its name as the golden coast. In recent years, under the prospect of “sustainable fisheries, prosper fishing villages, and energize fishermen” the Miaoli county office diligently developed tourist recreational fishing port; not only did the office enhance green landscape on fishing port environment, construct biking routes, but also held tourist festivals and activities, hoping that citizens can utilize their vacation to enjoy this beautiful coastline.

Zhen Hung Liu stated that the three concert events this year distinct yet enjoyable. 7/28 “Taiwanese ballad night” invited rising singers Chia-ling Tsai, Fu-kai Hsu, Shu-ming Wu, and the famous Hsiao-hu Tsai to bring you the appealing Taiwanese music; 8/4 “Lengfeng duet ballad night” invites Sui-Yi Chen & Li Tang, Fun4 band, Hsiu-chin Chang, Hsing-Ya An, lil ghost etc... in performance; 8/11 “Waipu Rock’n roll party” will have a distinct feel from the two earlier performances, centered around electronic music, the event combined with water show, will be visually stimulating; the event invites Argue band, Barbie, Li-Ching Chu, Chun-Yi Lin, Jeannie Hsieh and James J-Six, will perfectly conclude the festival. For more information regarding the above activities, please visit our website at: http://www.seaparty.key-wear.com/rock01.php